Diabetic Terms And Definitions L-M

Diabetic Terms And Definitions L-M


Lancet - A lancet is a spring-loaded device that is used to slightly puncture the skin with a small needle to obtain a drop of blood for blood sugar monitoring.

Lipids - Is a term used to describe fats in the body.

Lipoatrophy - defect in the breaking down or building up of fat below the surface of the skin, resulting in lumps or small dents in the skin surface. (See lipohypertrophy or lipoatrophy.) Lipodystrophy may be caused by repeated injections of insulin in the same spot.

Low Blood Sugar - See hypoglycemia


Macroalbuminuria - A condition in which large persistent amounts of the blood protein "albumin" is found in the urine indicating considerable kidney damage/kidney disease. Also called proteinuria.

Metabolic Syndrome - The tendency of several conditions to occur together, including obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes or pre-diabetes, hypertension, and high lipids.

Microalbumin Urine Test - A test which measures any possible amounts of the blood protein "albumin", which is normally not found in the urine. The presence of albumin in the urine is usually the first sign and indication of kidney damage/kidney disease. Also see microalbuminuria, macroalbuminuria, proteinuria.

Microalbuminuria - The initial stage of kidney disease that usually happens over a period of several years, in which small amounts of the blood protein "albumin" begins to leak into and appears in the urine. Also see albumin

Microvascular disease - Microvascular disease refers to damage within the smaller branches of the arteries, and smaller blood vessels.

Microaneurysms - Microaneurysms are small balloon-like swellings that occur when weakened small blood vessels expand and leak or potentially burst. This condition is also a major contributing factor in retinopathy(eye damage), neuropathy(nerve damage), and nephropathy(kidney disease).