Five Star Plan of Action for Diabetics

Five Star Plan of Action

What Is The Five Star Plan of Action for Diabetics?

The Five Star Plan of Action for Diabetics is not a magic formula, but is simply five main areas of action that someone with diabetes can take and make a part of their lifestyle that can greatly improve their overall health. These five actions may seem to many of you to be nothing more than the very common and general health advise you've heard time and again, and they are, but to someone with diabetes they take on a much greater importance. For a diabetic, these five actions can potentially make the difference between the development of complications brought about by diabetes or not, and by following theses five areas of health improvements they can potentially prevent or reduce complications such as Eye disease, Kidney disease, and nerve damage brought about by diabetes.

Working towards achieving your goals as they relate to each one of the "star actions" is much easier than you think, and the earlier someone with diabetes begins to actively make these actions a part of everyday life the better, because the effort of these actions are easier than dealing with the complications later. Outside of regular blood sugar testing, those not affected by diabetes, or those who feel that they may be at risk can also greatly benefit as well from following The Five Star Plan of Action which includes:

Star • Find and regularly see a primary physician, as well as a dietary specialist.

Star • STOP SMOKING and limit or eliminate your consumption of alcoholic beverages. The benefits of doing this should be a matter of common knowledge by now, but it gets back to a persons personal choices and commitment levels for bettering their overall health.

Star •  Regularly monitor and take physician approved steps to reduce high blood pressure. As well as asking your physician their recommendations for lowering and controlling Cholesterol/Triglyceride Levels

Star •  Eat a Healthy Heart Diet. There are many websites that specialize in offering recipes for those with special dietary needs, as well as heart friendly advise. However since everyone is at differing levels of overall health and may also require special attention when it comes to their dietary needs, seeing a dietition is highly recommended.

Star •  Follow a physician approved exercise program. Regular exercise and losing excess weight goes a long way in improving your overall health in general, but takes on an even greater importance for someone with diabetes.

Since many of the effects of diabetes can be attributed to the overall health of the cardiovascular system, we recommend reading up on the Effects of Diabetes section of this website, particularly on how diabetes affects the heart. - Effects of Diabetes

Blood sugar levels as a result of hyperglycemia affects the heart and blood vessels so we place a great emphasis on the health of your cardiovascular system, because many of the complications of diabetes are directly related to, or affected by the health of your heart and blood vessels. So seeing that they stay healthy should make it possible to slow, reduce or possibly even stop the other classic complications from happening. Working with your primary care physician as well as working with a qualified dietitian will help you reach your goals as they relate to each star action and insure a long healthy life!

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